30 000 euros prize fund for young drivers in Estonian R2 Challenge 2017

2017 Estonian autorally championship begins with Aluksne rally in Latvia held on 13th-14th of January. New season includes six rounds and the biggest news is prize money for young drivers which helps them to take the next step to the JWRC or ERC Junior series. The prize fund is 32 000 euros and the winner of the Estonian R2 Challenge gets 28 000 euros. Estonian R2 Challenge is an open competition for young drivers around the world.

Estonian R2 Challenge is in another words class EMV6 in Estonian autorally championship. This class is for the R2 cars and has shown strong competition in last years. It also is a class from where drivers have moved on to international series. The best exapmle is Sander Pärn who in 2014 won Drive DMACK Fiesta, a series which runs inside of the WRC. In the interest of equal competition all participants of the Estonian R2 Challenge must use DMACK tires. The only exception is the winter round where tire choice is free. Besides championship and power stage points every stage win gives one extra point in Estonian R2 Challenge.

The goal of the Estonian R2 Challenge is to help young drivers to participate in JWRC or ERC Junior series. Therefore there is an age limit of 17-26 years for the drivers to win the prize money. The main prize of the Estonian R2 Challenge is 28 000 euros which is meant for supporting participation in four rounds of JWRC or ERC Junior in 2018. Second place prize money is 3000 euros and third place prize money 1000 euros. The prize fund has been put together with the help of Estonian Autosport Union’s partners Castrol and DMACK.

Ruth Selirand, Castrol representitive in Baltics: „This is our second year to be a partner of Estonian Autosport Union. Castrol supports globally many motorsport teams and drivers. Regionally Castrol supports local motorsport and drivers as much as possible. We are honored to be a part of this great project which helps young drivers to conquer the world.

Juss Roden, MM-Motorsport, DMACK: DMACK has always valued the support of young drivers both in Estonia and international level. Through Estonian R2 Challenge can we help young drivers to step to the next level.“

Miko Niinemäe, Estonian champion in R2 class in 2015-2016: „It's a good sign that Estonian Autosport Union has taken those steps to help young drivers. Today we have many drivers with great potential in Estonia who lack the opportunity to participate in the international series.“

Gustav Kruuda, Alexela DMACK Fiesta Trophy 2016 winner: „It's great that the Estonian R2 Challenge is open for the drivers around the world. It makes the competition stronger. The R2 class has developed a lot in last years and I hope that in the following years we are able to send not only the winner but all podium winners to the international series.“

Margus Kiiver, General Secretary of Estonian Autosport Union: „Thanks to our partners we were able to put together this prize fund which is unique not only in Estonia but in all our region. We hope to have some new foreign drivers in our championship which has six great rounds. This means also tougher competition in R2 class. We are working ahead so that this project can continue in the following years. For young drivers the main goal should be moving from local series to international competitions and Estonian R2 Challenge can help them in this journey.“

Estonian autorally championship 2017

Aluksne rally (Latvia) – 13-14 January (should Aluksne rally be canceled due to weather conditions, the substitution is Sarma rally held on 11th of February)

Harju rally – 26-27 May

Lääne-Eesti rally 9-10 June

Tartu rally – 14-15 July

Lõuna-Eesti rally – 25-26 August

Saaremaa rally – 13-14 October



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Autosport 2017

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